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A Library Project in Ibadan


Aim of project *

Every child should have the right to education. our research shows that children in public primary schools in  Ibadan cannot read. 

Wriggs and Jiggs initiative will be setting up a free library in public schools and running it as a book club to aid the regular classroom activities these pupils have. 

We use this medium to ask for support and partnership by getting books for these libraries. We believe that today Readers tomorrow Leaders.

Areas that this project will affect

The objective of this project is to increase reading culture to inspire learning to be fun and interesting for public school pupils and ultimately promote literacy.

Then reduce poverty rate, research has shown that communities living in extreme poverty are societies with low literacy levels. And we are sure this program can correct this.

Boost the sustainability of third-world countries to be self-sustaining and able to move the ladder from just consumption to production.

Then to help accessibility to quality education to the underprivileged, so that they can also have access to quality education. And this would foster equality and fairness.

Prospects for the project *

We hope to have had a direct impact on about 20000 – 100000 children and indirectly about a million children through this program. Because part of this project is a campaign for the Nationwide adoption of improved and quality free libraries in Nigerian public Schools.

Help make our goal a reality and groom leaders through reading.
For further enquires call Becky +2348169618690.


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